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Everyday, thousands of people get on the internet to find an Anger Management Counselor for help to overcome out of control anger.  They use the internet because it is fast, easy, and discrete. It is necessary today for all counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, marriage and family therapists that specialize in anger management counseling or in counseling for the spouses of domestic violence to establish an online presence. Through a listing in the Anger Management Counselor directory, you can have access to millions of men, women, teens, and families that are in need of your help. 


The Anger Management Counselor directory invites you to join this directory so that you can increase your online presence and connect with these potential clients. Our user-friendly interface gives you complete control over what you post, and our monthly billing allows you to stay on budget, making advertising with us quick, easy, and affordable. Click on the tabs below to learn more about your options.   


For just $10 a month, the Anger Management Counselor directory provides potential clients with the most information to help them make the call to schedule an appointment and get help for their anger.


Once you signup, please allow 24-hours for your information to be reviewed.  We want to insure the site has only legitimate qualified counselors, therapists, psychologists, social workers, and other mental health providers.



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Membership includes two levels of information: Summary Listing & Detailed Listing


When visitors search for a counselor in their geographical area (either keyword search or by clicking on their state & city), the initial results will provide a list of member's summary listing information.


The Summary Listing includes: 

  • Name and Credentials
  • Image of counselor
  • Practice or Business Name
  • Address, Phone & Fax, Web Link, E-mail Link, Blog link
  • Short description of your practice.
  • Price for your services

Example of Summary Listing


The visitor can then click on either the member's picture or name and a new page will open to a expanded webpage detailing the member's information. 


The Detail Listing includes:

  • Name and Credentials
  • Your Picture
  • Name of Practice, Address, Phone, Web Link, E-mail Link, Blog link, Send to a Friend, and Add to Favorites.
  • An in-depth description of your practice.
  • Your philosophy and approach to working with clients.
  • Education and training
  • Your areas of specialization
  • Your office hours, driving directions, and a Google map to your office.
  • Your fee scale and insurance information.
  • New Clients can download your disclosure form. 
  • Your professional memberships and affiliations
  • A link that allows viewers to print a hardcopy of your entire listing.
  • Additional image gallery (great for showing pictures of your office, members of your staff, or products that you offer, etc.).
  • A video window that allows you to embed a video on your profile from YouTube or another video hosting site.
  • An email contact form so clients can connect with you confidentially via email.
  • Office Hours
  • Five specialities listing.
  • Listing of your group counseling services.
  • Driving directions to your office
  • Google Map location of your office

Example of Detail Listing


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As a Member of the Sex Addiction Counselor directory, you will also have access to your own members area that allows you to manage your listing information, add groups to the group page, and add a advertising banner (at extra cost) to our directory website.


Below is the member panel for accessing managing your listing, adding groups, adding banner, making payment, or viewing your transaction history.



Within the "Manage Your Listing", a member can also edit information, add or change a group, adjust your google map, adjust webpage SEO, and also view the webpages activity (summary, detail, emails, phone, and fax clicks).



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Event Listing


  • Showcase Events appear in search results above Premium and Basic Events.
  • Contains Summary View and Detail view.
  • Title, Date, Time, Logo Image, Address, Location, Summary Description, Driving Directions, Phone, Web Link, E-mail, Contact Name, Photo Gallery, Detail Description, Send to a Friend, Add to Favorites, Print.
Summary View Detail View

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Resource Listings $FREE
  • Showcase Classifieds appear in search results above Premium and Basic Classifieds.
  • Contains Summary View and Detail View.
  • Title, Address, Photo, Contact Name, Contact Phone, Contact Fax, E-mail, Web Link, Short Description, Detail Description, Photo Gallery, Send to a Friend, Add to Favorites, Print.
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  • Title, Publication Date, Author, Abstract, Image, Photo Caption, Photo Attribute, Photo Gallery, Send to a Friend, Add to Favorites, Print.
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  • Display targeted ads that match the directory content
  • Reach people seeking information on products and services in the directory
  • Build brand recognition
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Why Add Your Practice to the Anger Management Counselor Directory?


We established the Anger Management Counselor directory to provide individuals and families struggling with anger issues with a comprehensive online directory of anger management counseling resources that could be easily searched by both geographic area (state and/or cities) and therapeutic issue. It is our goal to be the premier “one-stop” website for every person surfing the web looking for counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, or other mental health providers that specialize in anger management and domestic violence counseling.


To find the help they need, the visitor to Anger Management Counselor directory can simply click on the state and city, or enter a search word(s) to review the counselors, therapists, or other mental health specialists available in their local area.


Our website is mutually beneficial to both care-givers and those needing their services. Because we offer an option for therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, pastoral counselors, and other care-givers to list their services for free, providers are able to list their services without artificial budget restraints, and those in need of help are given a greater pool of resources to choose from. The more care-givers listed, the more opportunities available for people looking for help.


In addition, we offer care-givers a variety of options to list their services in a number of powerful ways that allows them to stand out and be seen. Research shows that the more prominent a listing is on a page, the more likely that listing will be selected. We can help you stand out. 


Advertise with Us and Become Part of the Solution


By advertising on Anger Management, you will not only significantly increase your web presence, but you will be a part of the healing process. Healing from out of control anger and domestic violence are not simply about a person in need of finding a counselor. They also need groups, seminars, retreats, and products and services related to their struggles that will help them live a healthier life more effectively.


Likewise, care-givers need access to products and services that will enable them to help others. So, whether you are a therapist in private practice, a support group, a national office supply chain, or a local bookstore, both care-givers and those who need them need to know who you are and how they can find you.